VERSAJTERM was an electronic music ensemble dedicated to realtime looping from Graz/Austria in the early 21st century


Harald Wiltsche (audio computer)
Peter Plessas (guitar, loops)
We are big fans of Lexicon's Jamman, and Miller Puckette's Pure Data.

upcoming performances_VT

past performances_VT
19.06.04 Trigger-Bang-Bang Festival at

29.05.04 Murska Sobota, Slovenia
23.05.04 Spring04
Festival, Graz
07.04.04 Rhiz, Vienna
14.12.03 PPC, Graz
30.8.03 Sub, Graz
23.7.03 AlterArt Travnik/Bosnia
24.7.03 Institute for alternative Art Mostar/Bosnia
28.6.03 Open Source Multimedia Tools ESC Graz
5.4.03 Kulturkeller, Gleisdorf
7.1.03 Graz2003 Opening Festival
20.4.02 Microsounds, Medienturm
29.6.02 D-Generation Festival
1.11.01 Steirischer Herbst

to get one of our CDs drop us an email.
If you wish to receive a tape cassette please mention this in your mail! We think of cassette being a nice alternative to CDs since they have a nice sound, you are not tempted to skip tracks, and they are cool for listening in the car.

photos taken during concerts or at the police station


to contact VERSAJTERM please mail us at: versajterm[monkey]